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Individual membership is open to everyone, the sole condition being the candidates’ willingness to learn and advance. This means that any individual who is interested in lifelong learning and great business opportunities and successful partnerships can become a part of the LINK edu Alliance.
The membership enables you to certify your knowledge; by becoming a member of the LINK edu Alliance, you get the opportunity to acquire world renowned diplomas and certificates. Here are some that can serve as a milestone in your professional development and contribute to new partnerships and cooperation: Cambridge International School, Adobe, Microsoft, Chartered Management Institute CMI, Cambridge English Language Assessment, Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
The benefits of LINK educational Alliance membership are manifold and can help you advance your skills and career.
Personal development is undoubtedly one of the key factors for career progress. LINK edu Alliance membership provides you with a great opportunity to achieve these goals and establish a successful cooperation with other members, companies or educational institutions. Also, you will become a part of an ever-expanding international educational network.
The benefits are numerous, which is why the membership can be significant both at the personal and professional level.

Cooperation and shared goals

One of the main advantages of LINK edu Alliance membership is the opportunity to connect with other members.

An important benefit of LINK edu Alliance membership is the possibility to work on shared business goals and projects. You will be able to establish a successful cooperation with others and acquire numerous contacts that will advance your career. In addition, this type of association with other members enables you to overcome any business obstacle or challenge. Also, working with other members of the LINK edu Alliance on the same goals opens numerous business opportunities.

Achieve your professional goals

Gaining new knowledge and skills is a new step in achieving your career goals and enjoying lifelong professional development. What’s undoubtedly certain is that, while developing your abilities, you are enhancing yourself and becoming a person ready to tackle the challenges of the business environment.

The membership opens numerous opportunities to gain new knowledge in order to overcome the barriers that can prevent you from achieving your business goals and building a prosperous career. As a member of the LINK edu Alliance, you have the opportunity to fully use its resources and enhance your skills in order to achieve your goals and advance your career.


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The benefits of individual membership

  • You have the opportunity to take international exams organized by the LINK
    Examinations Institute
    , in order to acquire internationally recognized certifications in various areas
    of business at favorable prices.
  • Employability facilitated by LINKgroup’s Center for Career Development..
  • Employment assistance from the LINK2job agency. 
  • Training and development at LINKgroup educational institutions at favorable prices, which is a great opportunity for you to land a dream job and advance your career.
  • One of the main advantages of the membership is lifelong development through face-to-face and online educational events and seminars, organized by LINKgroup’s Center for Career Development,that will help your advancement, education and development of new skills.
  • You can also expand your knowledge as the membership provides you with a subscription to the
    , educational TV platform.
  • Access to the knowledge base, online resources and learning materials in math, foreign languages, IT and business skills.

The annual LINK educational Alliance membership fee is:


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