Investing in knowledge means investing in a prosperous future

Companies become part of the LINK educational Alliance on recommendation of other organizations.
Invest in your employees by providing them with professional development and get greater productivity in return. LEA enables your employees to acquire knowledge and skills. This leads to greater efficiency and, consequently, greater productivity. In addition, LEA members can link with other companies and create potential for new business opportunities.

Your employees are the ones who bring prosperous opportunities. They feel safe and rewarded because you invest in them and provide full support in their professional development and career advancement. This guarantees success for your company. Also, LEA membership is intended for all companies that are interested in promotion and cooperation with other companies, as well as those that wish to expand their business operations.

Benefits for your company

  • Promoting your company and achievements via the LINK educational Alliance network.
  • Using services such as za to organize special events.
  • LINKeduTVproduction services for organizing special events.
  • Using different services of LEA’s marketing department.
  •  Using the services of LINKgroup’s Center for Career Development to secure human resources. This can open up new business opportunities and help you recruit new hires.

Cooperation with other companies

Cooperation with other companies
LEA membership allows you to enhance your company. By becoming a member, you can successfully team up with other companies, promote your business and expand your operations. You have a great opportunity to establish a successful partnership that can bring numerous benefits.
Cooperation with other companies enables you to operate on the local and foreign markets, even if you lack the necessary staff or capacities.
The LINK edu Alliance allows you to promote your company and use different services of LEA’s marketing department. Also, LEA membership and our Center for Career Development allow you to easily and efficiently recruit new hires.

Professional development for greater productivity

Investing in employees leads to greater focus and better performance. This results in enhanced business activities and higher profit. By far the most important benefit of LEA membership is the fact that it reduces task completion time and allows your employees to expand their knowledge and gain new skills. For your company this means increased efficiency and productivity.

By supporting their professional advancement, you build trust and loyalty among your employees. By contributing to their professional development, you show that you care for your employees. In return, they give their best at work and care about the growth and development of the company.
Your employees will appreciate your investing in them. Satisfied employees are fully dedicated and committed.

The employees who are looked after by their employer will become a driving force for new ideas and projects. This means that they will enable the company to grow and achieve its goals.

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Benefits for your employees

  • They have great opportunities to take international exams organized by LINK Examinations Institute, aimed at obtaining certification in business, IT, internet business and English, at favorable prices.
  • LEA membership provides your employees with lifelong learning through face-to-face and online educational events and seminars organized by LINKgroup’s
    Center for Career Development, which greatly contributes to development and the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.
  • They can learn by subscribing to the LINKeduTV educational TV platform.
  • Access to the knowledge base, online resources and learning materials for professional development in math, foreign languages, IT and business skills.
  • Training at LINKgroup’s educational institutions at favorable prices.

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