Our mission is education which opens the door to a successful career

LINK educational Alliance – pushing boundaries in education

A unique hub of educational institutions and services – the right place to gain knowledge

In order to provide the best possible education to all those who wish to learn the right way, LINKgroup founded the LINK educational Alliance (LEA). LINKgroup is a leading multinational company with more than 20 years of success in professional education and certification in the fields of information technology and contemporary business.

We are successful locally in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and the United States of America, and through distance learning it brings together students from over 120 countries worldwide.

In order to provide anyone who wishes to develop professionally with top-quality, practical education, LINKgroup founded LEA, which comprises institutions focusing on the acquisition of applicable skills through the use of modern technology.

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A strong alliance of modern institutions

A unique hub of educational institutions and services – the right place to gain knowledge
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LEA’s educational institutions provide education for all age groups. Modern education is available to everyone, regardless of age or knowledge level.
LEA members offer a wide range of skills and knowledge required by the world’s most successful companies. This allows you to acquire international certificates and diplomas in IT and contemporary business.

Values and goals

The values we are constantly striving for – quality, relevance, innovation and the importance of entrepreneurship and lifelong learning. Through our work, we aim to contribute to the advancement and enhancement of education and the education system as the key engines of development in society.
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Our vision

We strongly believe that quality education is the path towards a better life for our contemporaries and the generations to come. We try to always make all our services the best possible source for education of our users of all generations.
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Our mission

The mission of the LINK educational Alliance is to prepare its members for all the professional challenges of the future. This is why we have developed highly useful knowledge acquisition services and programs which enable success at both the individual and corporate level.

How to become a member of LEA?

Do you want prosperity and a successful career? The LINK educational Alliance is constantly expanding and accepting new members. We invite you to join us and enjoy the numerous benefits provided by the LINK educational Alliance.