For educational institutions that wish to enhance their education system

Institutional membership is intended for educational institutions that wish to enable their students, through connections with other companies, to acquire new knowledge, qualifications and certificates, and safely embark on a new career. In addition, you have the opportunity to provide your teaching staff with professional development, and partner up with other educational institutions at different levels.

Institutional membership is the perfect choice for institutions that wish to invest in the improvement of their teaching staff with the ultimate goal of providing students and lecture attendees with an environment in which they can grow and advance both on a personal and professional level.

What do you get from investing in your educational institution?

Investing in the teaching staff means enhancing your educational institution, its curriculum and teaching process. Your teachers have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in order to improve teaching efficiency using cutting-edge methods.

Of course, your school is only worth what you invest in it. By investing in the teachers, you get people with new skills and knowledge who can, in turn, enhance instruction and school activities.

As a result, you will have teachers and students who are satisfied with the classes and the overall academic environment. For you, this means an increased number of students, which is one of the most important advantages of being a member of LINK educational Alliance.

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Benefits for your students

  • Taking international exams, organized by the LINK Examiantions Institute, aimed at acquiring professional and other certificates in business, IT, internet business and English, at favorable prices.
  • Employment options via LINKgroup’s Center for Career Development and the LINK2jobagency.
  • Internship in numerous companies.
  • Subscription to LINKeduTV and the educational TV platform, as well as to eduTV, the first non-profit educational TV station in Serbia.
  • Lifelong learning through participation in face-to-face and online educational events and seminars organized by LINKgroup’s Center for Career Development.
  • They have great advancement opportunities due to unlimited access to the knowledge base, online resources and materials in math, foreign languages, IT and business skills.
  • Depending on your needs, you can use services such as: Career Doctor, EDUcounselor and Learning Assistance Counselor.
  • Networking through the Alliance encompassing thousands of students.

LINK edu Alliance membership improves the teaching process

The LINK educational Alliance offers numerous benefits. For your teaching staff this means professional and personal development, while in terms of the teaching process, the membership provides numerous enhancements regarding curricular and extracurricular activities, as well as cooperation with other educational institutions. Your teachers will develop their skills and enhance their knowledge, which will later help them advance the educational program.

Benefits for teachers and non-teaching staff

  • Opportunity to promote their institution and achievements via the LINK educational Alliance.
  • Mobility and the exchange of experiences with colleagues from different educational institutions; working in different institutions within the Alliance, as well as participation in shared projects.
  • As part of the LINK edu Alliance, they have numerous options for professional development within LINKgroup’s Institute for Contemporary Education.
  • They are eligible for prestigious international certificates for educational leaders and teachers within the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications program, at favorable prices.
  • Lifelong learning through participation in face-to-face and online educational events and seminars organized by LINKgroup’s Center for Career Development.

Advancing your school

The most important benefit of LEA membership is the development of your institution, which means better and more efficient classes, dedicated and hardworking students and overall advancement.

It brings prosperity to your institution through cooperation, which can enable potential achievements, growth and capacity expansion, as well as new curriculum-related possibilities.

Numerous benefits for your institutions

  • The first and most important LEA membership benefit is an increased number of students and higher revenue.
  • Reduced advertising costs through shared marketing activities.
  • Reduced business costs through the use of LEA resources (space, equipment, staff, know-how).
  • The exchange of knowledge and experience between LEA members.
  • Improved quality of educational services through the use of professional LEA services (educational, andragogic and psychological).
  • Lobbying and representing the interests of LEA members; utilizing the results of market research conducted by LEA, and adopting shared policies and strategies.
  • As a member, you are eligible to purchase LINK’s educational software.
  • Advertising under favorable conditions on the and portals.
  • Participating in the LINK edu Conference and using LINK System Integrator services under favorable conditions.
  • Using LINKsteam and other services within LINKgroup.

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